Fishing, hunting and Nature

Looking for good fishing and the peaceful quietness of the wilderness ? This is the place for you!
The week always starts with a guided tour of the fishing territory. Well show you the best spots accordingto the time of the year. We never guarantee fish, but we always make sure that you have a good time, know where to go and what to use, with a discrete assistance at all time.
Please note that the time of the year does not affect the quality of fishing. The weather at the time is the biggest factor of the success of your catch.

Fishing licences are available at retailers in Temiskaming, Ville Marie, and Laniel and the whole family can fish on the same permit.

Also available: seasonal license


Limit in possession at all time : 6

Sot size : Over 37 cm (14.57 in ) Under 53 cm (20.87 in )
What to use : Light blades spinners, small jigs, Rappala, Hot N Tot
Fishing line : 4 to 10 pound test line
Fishing Rod : Light or Ultra-light action Average size of fish : a couple of pounds Camp record: 16 pounds

Lake Trout

Limit in possession at all time : 1

Size limit : over 65 cm (25.5 in)
What to use : Trolling big hammer on wire line, Jigging Slab spoon, crippled herring Average : 3 to 6 pounds
Camp record : 32 pounds

Northern Pike

Limit in possession at all time : 6

What to use : Daredevil, Red Eyes, Giant Mepps, 8 or 10 in. plugs
Average size : 8 to 10 pounds Camp record: 36 pounds
Remote lakes for pike ( Trophy Lake ) : easy access ( walking, boats & motors )

Small Mouth Bass

Limit in possession at all time : 6

What to use : Poppers,worm leeches
Average size : 3 to 5 pounds
Camp record : 8.5 pounds

More information on fishing’s rules

Hunting season 2024


  • Moose permit: 2 hunters per moose
  • Zone: 13
  • Average kill: 50 to 60 %
  • Regulations: Bull, cow or calf
  • Average shot: 75 to 150 yards
  • Weight: Approximately 1 000 pounds
  • Common caliber: 270, 30-06 or 300 magnum
  • Stand hunt: Boat or walking access
  • Weather: 10 degrees during the daytime, heavy frost in the morning
  • Clothes: Wool, waterproof boots and warm gloves
  • Miscellaneous: Thermos bottle, sleeping bag, orange vest and flashlight

There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying nature!!!